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The Canadian Colleges & Universities Database is the most comprehensive and up to date database of colleges and universities in Canada. Updated annually, it contains Public and Private Universities & Colleges across Canada.

Canadian colleges themed stock - university students at University of Western Ontario walking towards University College building in the horizon.

Canadian Colleges & Universities Database

  • Total Records: 1270
  • Includes:
    236 Private & Public Universities
    1034 Private & Public Colleges
  • Fields: Address, Phone, Website, Email Address, Job Title, First Name, Last Name, Institution Type, Language, all where available.
  • Includes a primary contact name for each record (Dean, President, etc.)
  • Select By: Province, Institution Type, Language, Email Address, Postal Code, Area Code, City
  • Formats: .xlsx and .txt
  • Sort By: Postal Code, City, Province, Language, Institution Type

  • One Year Lease Cost: $350

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Canadian universiteis and colleges themed stock photo - MC building at University of Western Ontario in London, a view from behind / from a street below.

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